An Affordable LEGO Set for Role-Play

Lego31068LEGOs are a great tool for child development and, being a fan of the brand, I am often asked questions such as “what LEGO set should I buy as a gift?”. If the goal is role-play and storytelling, the “LEGO Creator Modular Modern Home (31068)” is for you.

The set is very reasonably priced with Amazon prices varying between $24 and $29 and if offers many opportunities of interactions with your child.

An ideal toy for role-play…

Short of being a full dollhouse, the set brings in many features that can help enrich your child vocabulary.  In particular, many elements can be used to describe scenes from the daily life:

  • a house with a living room, a bedroom and a deck.
  • a mother and a teenage mini-figurine, together with a dog.
  • an vehicle, which appears to be an electric car that plugs into the wall (the house roof can be interpreted as a solar panel that reclines depending on the weather).
  • a plethora of details such as an helicopter drone toy, a trampoline, a sofa, two beds, two chairs, a faucet, a parasol, interior and exterior lamps, a flat screen TV, AC units, flowers, small trees, some scissors, a torch light, a telescope, a rowing boat…

This is plenty to chat about with your kid!

… yet still a construction set

Lego31068bIndeed, this toy is still firmly a LEGO set and it should offer many hours of builds and rebuilds. As part of the 3-in-1 product line, the box comes with a manual that walks you through three main variants, but many of those can be further combined thanks to an ingenious system of interchangeable wall units.

The use of large wall and window bricks allows the junior architect to save time in designing the main structure of the homes and focus on the interior design and the interesting details.

A house is a machine for living in. – Le Corbusier

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