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My name is Sylvain and I work in a quant/research/technologist capacity in finance.
More information can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sjousseaume

Why did I start a blog?

There are various reason why one would start a blog. Some authors want to deliver a message to the world, others come to this exercise with very defined commercial goals. In my case, the main motive was to create an anchor for like-minded people that had interest in exchanging about the same centers of interest.

Clearly, this is a time investment and my schedule is being stretched in many directions. Not everything will be perfect.

The less men think, the more they talk. — Charles de Montesquieu

Why the name “Iridium”?

I am sure close friends will ask about the name of this blog. I invite them to pick below any option that suits their sensibility:

  • Iridium is a metallic element with an interesting atomic number.
  • Iridium relates to the so-called “Iridium Point” stamp found on certain fountain pen nibs – quite appropriate for a blog.
  • Iridium evokes the heavens and travel through its namesake constellation of communication satellites.
  • The first time I really heard about Iridium, as a kid, was in the context of the KT boundary. When you write about real estate and finance and if you have been through the 2008 credit crisis, the connection is quite straightforward.

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